1. General rules of the nightclub THEATER


1.1 The guests of the nightclub Theatre must be at least 21 years of age. Personnel of the nightclub Theatre have the right to check a visitor’s age, for this you must present a valid ID containing your name and birth date or ID-code, a photo and a signature (e.g. a passport, driving license or an ID card).


1.2 Nightclub Theatre guest’s outfit should be appropriate (“Dresscode” – “Casual or Smart” ).


1.3 Nightclub Theatre maintains the right to let a person in the club or not by their personal decision. In case the representative of the Nightclub Theatre made a negative decision, it cannot be revoked. The respectful representative of the Nightclub Theatre must not explain his decision.


2. Nightclub Theatre guest obligations


2.1 Upon entering the nightclub Theatre, its guest takes repsonsibility for following the requirements of the given instructions.


2.2 Nightclub Theatre guests are forbidden from:


2.2.1 entering the club THEATRE with a shotgun or other items that may endanger health or lives of the club personnel and guests. Nightclub Theatre does not accept guns for keeping;


2.2.2 bringing shooting ammo, explosives, easily flammable substances, poisons or radioactive materials into the nightclub Theatre;


2.2.3 upon entering the nightclub Theatre possess, use, mediate or sell narcotic or psychotropic substances and their derivates on the territory of the nightclub Theatre.


2.3 It is forbidden to bring/consume your own drinks and food in the nightclub Theatre,


2.4 In the nightclub Theatre premises smoking (including the electronic cigarette) is allowed only in certain prescribed places.


2.5 It is forbidden to make pictures or video in the nightclub Theatre without the prior written consent of an appointed worker or club owner.


2.6 Nightclub Theatre guest must behave with respect to club guests and employees.

Upon the breach of this condition a club employee may ask the guest to leave the club.

Nightclub Theatre staff’s decisions are final and must be obeyed by the visitors.


2.7 Nightclub Theatre guest that breaks or damages club interior must compensate the damage caused in full in accordance with the medium market value. In case of breaking a bar glass a breaker must pay 3 EUR for each broken glass, in case of plates and other dishes – 6 EUR per item.


2.8 In case of breach of the given instruction(s) and having to leave the club, the guest loses the right to claim the refund of the entrance ticket from the nightclub Theatre.


3. Nightclub Theatre rights


3.1 Nightclub Theatre personnel has the right to refuse service of guests having apparently abused alcohol, drugs or psychotropic substances or do not belong to the nightclub Theatre due to their outfit or behaviour.


3.2 Nightclub Theatre workers have the right to supervise the compliance with the given instructions and in case of breach or denial – to refuse entrance or service or ask the named guests to leave the club.

Nightclub Theatre staff’s decisions are final and must be obeyed by the visitors.


3.3 Nightclub Theatre may not be held liable for personal belongings left in the nightclub premises unattended.


3.4 Nightclub Theatre worker gives every club guest a cloakroom number plate when taking his personal outerwear for keeping.

Upon the return of the number plate a guest gets back his outerwear.


3.5 In case the cloakroom number plate has been lost, a nightclub Theatre worker has the right to demand a refund of 4 EUR from the person who lost it.


3.6 Nightclub Theatre worker cannot be held liable for luxury items, cash etc left in the outerwear.


3.7 Nightclub Theatre cloakroom does not accept handbags for keeping.